Hidden Loop

Welcome to the first of many features of great driving roads found here in Arizona. Before I begin this article, I’ll begin with this warning:

Street racing is illegal in any form. We do not condone taking risks that put innocent people in danger, however we do not have a holier than thou perspective on the subject. No one is perfect. Just about every automotive enthusiast has committed an illegal action while operating a moving vehicle. These articles are for driving enjoyment purposes only. If you want to test the limits of your car:

Take it to the track!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten past the bummer speech, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of what we’ll be featuring in these driving road articles. We’ll supply you with GPS coordinates, A top down view of the driving area in track format, A length and pictures of every turn or landmark of the road. We’ll follow it up with conditions on the road, and the level of traffic in it’s surroundings. So let’s begin.


33.68, -112.15


In the video we first take the road heading south. The ninety degree intersection (between turns 1 and 6) is marked by a stop sign.

Turn 1

Here is turn 1 curving into turn 2, featuring our driver car for the trip: a Lincoln Mark VII, owned and driven by our fellow GHO editor Mike.

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Straightaway with Turn 6 at the very end. Once again, Turn 6 is punctuated by a stop sign.

As you can see the roads themselves are relatively abandoned. Some businesses operate on the road, but they aren’t available to main traffic. That being said we weren’t the only car driving down the road while we here either. It happens to be surrounded by desert as well, but it’s got no lighting to speak of as a result, so you’re limited to day driving for the most part. The condition of the asphalt is old and slightly gritty, but since the road gets little traffic there’s few cracks or imperfections. No noticeable altitude changes to speak of.

There you have it. Stick around for more of these!