Hyundai Genesis Coupe with LS2 V8 Swap

hyundai-genesis-coupe-ls2-frontWe’re kicking off “engine swap week” with this Hyundai Genesis Coupe that I spotted at Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale. Someone has taken this South Korean coupe and stuffed a big ol’ American V8 under the hood!

Swapping a 6.0L LS2 engine into your Hyundai is a sure-fire way to attract haters, especially when it’s covered with stickers, a huge wing, and a missing rear bumper. But this car is over-the-top in so many ways that I’ve decided it must have been done ironically.

This car has everything: bosozoku-style exhaust pipes, a Ken Block-style emergency brake handle, red spiked lug nuts, an anodized tow hook, a stuffed animal dangling from the back, and the obligatory “Just Ain’t Care” sticker. It’s got every ricer meme in existence, aside from an “I Heart Bacon” sticker.

This is a car that makes fun of tuners, drifters, and autocrossers by not taking itself seriously at all. Instead of looking polished and perfect, it puts function over form in every possible regard – even if it makes the car uncomfortable to drive or ugly to look at. It’s all a big joke, right?

I think the car is meant to be a joke, but I am not completely sure. The car has a full roll cage, widebody kit, Corbeau racing seats, and an LSX intake manifold with a FAST 102mm throttle body. You don’t spend that kind of money on a car that’s a joke, do you? That’s a lot of effort to put into making fun of something. Maybe this IS a serious drift/track car?

I really don’t know what to make of this car. It’s got some really nice parts but I also get the feeling that the owner wants the car to have that “shoddy DIY” feel to it. Is it serious or is it meant to make fun of these type of cars – but actually be fast? What are your thoughts?