Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

intermeccanica-italia-spyder-frontThis car haunted me for years.

Seriously, I saw it at a car show and could NOT figure out what the heck it was! It wasn’t until over 2 years later when I saw a picture of a similar car online and learned that I was looking at an Intermeccanica Italia!

I first saw this vehicle at Cars and Coffee and could NOT identify what it was. The car had no badging, emblems, or anything to indicate the manufacturer.

intermeccanica-italia-spyder-rearI showed the picture to friends who could also not identify it. I assumed it was some sort of fiberglass-bodied kit car.

Then in 2015, I saw a picture of another one on the Internet by chance and learned that the car I had spotted was an Intermeccanica Italia. The car is a true roadster with no provision for a top. Looking at the dashboard, I do not see a radio or any A/C vents. This is a fair-weather car for sure.

intermeccanica-italia-spyder-interiorThe “Italia” was a GT sports car, of which approximately 500 were made between 1966 and 1972. It is unknown how many of them are in America. I’ve got no idea as to what engine or transmission it might have under the hood. If you know any further details or background on these cars, please chime in and post a comment!

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One thought on “Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

  1. Trevor the car is a 1967 Intermeccanica Italia Torino car manufactured in Torino Italy Coupe 4055 .It is somewhat customized with all chrome removed and is a Spyder Conversion and the taillights customized. I bought it at Barrett Jackson 25 years ago in Scottsdale. I have taken the car apart a few times improving this and that. Engine is a built Ford 351 Windsor backed up by a Richmond 5 speed racing transmission . 0 to 60 in around 4.5 seconds. I call it my Italian Cobra. The rear end is a custom IRS by a fellow named Arndt who was the first to built IRS for Cobra kit cars years ago. The body is fairly heavy gauge steel and is all hand formed by those amazing Italian craftsmen. For the last paint job in PPG Hot Red I had it taken down to bare metal and only a skim coat of body filler was needed.At the time the picture was taken I was running American Racing Wheels Halibrand lookalikes but a couple years ago fitted Pantera Campagnola 7 inch wheels front and back to retain the Italian Heritage. The original frame was modified for racing many years ago all changes done by a succession of Owners. The car has been my daily driver for 25 years. I also own a 1971 Intermeccanica Italia coupe near the end of production and have restored it back to original. So my Intermeccanicas consists of 3 cars, the Spyder conversion, the 1971 Coupe, and a 1967 Intermeccanica Vetta Ventura no.1044 also known as an Apollo which I have spent the last 5 years restoring.I also have 4 Panteras including two handmade pre-production Panteras known as pushbutton cars,a Mangusta,and a 328 Ferrari as well as a 1964 and 1966 Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupes plus a heavily customized 1951 Ford Coupe I am presently converting into a Spyder conversion Speedster plus a chopped,channeled ,sectioned.shortened bed 1952 Chevy model 3100 truck.

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