Kaiser Manhattan 2-Door Sedan

I spotted this gorgeous Kaiser Manhattan 2-door sedan at a church car show in Glendale, Arizona in 2009. Kaisers were produced after World War II and are notable for being the first production passenger cars to offer supercharging (beginning in 1954).  Kaiser and Willys-Overland merged in 1953 and stopped making passenger cars in 1955.

As you can see, the deep cherry color of this car is very vibrant even in this crappy cell phone picture I took. If you look closely, you can see the ghost flames on the car’s front fenders.

From this angle, we have a few more clues that this Manhattan isn’t exactly stock. The wide rear tires and monster tach on the dash indicate that this car may have undergone a performance rebuild. I wish I had more details about it, but sadly I do not.

Bonus: The gold colored car in the background of the first picture is a Frazer Vagabond, a sister marque of Kaiser.