Las Vegas Cars and Coffee 442 Blowout

Last year when we covered SEMA 2012 we had an opportunity to check out a local Cars and Coffee chapter. Though I was a little underwhelmed by the small turn out considering it was Vegas and SEMA week, I was happily surprised to see my favorite muscle car, the Oldsmobile 442, out in full force. It’s really odd to see this many Olds cars out at one event, so I imagine someone on an Olds forum must have coordinated it. My post about the GSX made me remember I had all these pictures that I had yet to share. So to my fellow Rocket-loving Oldsmobile fans, here’s some hot 442 action after the jump:

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this. Let’s go through these cars one-by-one starting with the blue one.

This is the only car here, that isn’t a 442. Rather, it’s a mid-level 1970 Cutlass, though an extremely nice one. Under the hood we find what looks like a factory stock 350. Even without the decal, the gold paint is a dead giveaway to displacement. The 4bbl 1970 Rocket 350 in the Cutlass was rated at 310hp.

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Grill.

1970 Cutlass tail end.

Next we have this ’71 442. I only have this shot of the 442 logo. I think my camera ate the other pictures I took.

Thankfully I still have pictures of this gorgeous 400 cubic inch 442.

Thankfully the 400 under the hood is the more desirable 4.00″ bore. As you can see, it was factory rated at 350 hp and an appropriately pavement-crushing 440 ft lbs. I think the whole idea of this information being listed on the valve cover is very cool, but is a relic of a time when car owners actually opened their hoods, let alone saw more than decorative plastic when they did so.

Short of the Sony speakers in the kicker panels, I really love the interior on this car.

Naturally I saved the best for last. Here’s another great sticker for the engine code W-30, denoting a 455 cubic inch 442. In stock 1970 trim they were rated at 370hp and 500 ft lbs of torque. Though, this sticker doesn’t tell the whole story of the car.

Something about this doesn’t strike me as stock…

This thing is just made to eat up anything that comes in it’s path. Many of the other guys there were saying that they see this particular 442, with it’s belt-driven forced induction system ripping off 11-second quarter mile passes at the local drag strip, spinning the tires down most of the track.

Somehow I’m inclined to believe them. Holy shit.

A badge that lets you know that even without a blower, it didn’t show up to lose.

I hope you guys enjoyed the shots. It was a great time for me and the rest of the staff at Generation: High Output. There’s nothing like stretching your legs, and smelling the combination of unburned gas mixed with exhaust and dew at an early-morning car show before embarking on the long drive home.