Love Is Blind

And apparently, so are a lot of the drivers in Phoenix. These examples of poor taste were all spotted this last week. Enjoy them.



The words “green” and “Buick” don’t even belong in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence, but someone didn’t get the memo. It looks like an ex-forest service car.

This weird ass orange Grand Cherokee ZJ was parked in the same parking lot as the green Buick. An equally bizarre (but perhaps a little less tasteless, in fact, I kinda like it) example of non-stock color selection.

I’m guessing the masking tape and can of silver Krylon came from the very same Wal-Mart this car was parked in front of.

This 350z looks like what throwing up in your mouth feels like. Yuck. It’s for sale though, if fishing lure chartreuse is your thing.

It takes balls to paint a Delorean red and I don’t think I could ever go through with it. It actually doesn’t really look bad, more weird than anything.”You’re not wrong, Walter. You’re just an asshole!” 

And here is the King Shit of Tasteless Mod Mountain for this week. Judging by the Chrysler/Bentley/Rolls Royce front end, the “Lambo” door, and the embarrassing non-truck “nuts”, I’m guessing the owner of this car isn’t blind, but rather, possesses the aesthetic maturity of a 3rd grader. Oh- wait… Maybe he’s still saving up his milk money for that fourth wheel. 

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