Mr. Gasket 1966 Chevrolet Suburban ‘Lime Crush’

One of the more eye-catching vehicles I saw at SEMA 2013 was this 1966 Chevrolet Suburban at the Mr. Gasket booth. Nicknamed “Lime Crush,” this vehicle is the perfect southern California hot rod/surf wagon.

This classic Suburban was built by The Roadster Shop in Mundelein, IL. You may remember them as the same guys who built the C1RS Corvette and other fine custom cars. I love their work, and this vehicle is no exception.

Under the hood is a GM ZZ454 crate motor that very likely cost more than my first year of college. Dyno information wasn’t available, but a ZZ454 in stock trim makes 440 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque – which is plenty enough to get things movin’. The whole engine is decked out with Mr. Gasket accessories including carb, intake, valve cover, and exhaust gaskets, Mr. Gasket thermostat, PCV valve, and more.

The engine is coupled to a 4L85 transmission and exhausts through 3″ stainless pipes with Flowmaster mufflers. The whole thing rides on a Roadster Shop Fast Track custom chassis with massive 22×10 front and 24×12 rear wheels from Billet Specialties.

The lime green paint is a custom color from PPG called “Mr. Gasket Green.” My favorite thing about this vehicle is the teak wood in the bed, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, I forgot to get a picture of it!

According to the Mr. Gasket website, they plan to show the vehicle off at car shows and product demos throughout the 2013-2014 season and then consign it to auction at Barrett-Jackson in 2015.

Engine and Transmission
Modified GM ZZ454 crate motor
GM 4L85 Transmission
Ron Davis custom aluminum radiator
American Autowire wiring harness
MR.GASKET Ultra-Seal Carb Gasket
MR.GASKET Ultra-Seal Intake Gasket
MR.GASKET Ultra-Seal Valve Cover Gaskets
MR.GASKET Valve Cover Breather
MR.GASKET Ultra-Seal Exhaust Header Gaskets
MR.GASKET HEADLOK locking header bolts
MR.GASKET Ultra-Seal Timing Cover Gasket
MR.GASKET Distributor Clamp
MR.GASKET Wire Looms
MR.GASKET O-Ring Style Water Neck
MR.GASKET High Performance Thermostat
MR.GASKET Fuel Pump Block-off Plate
MR.GASKET Barefoot Gas Pedal
MALLORY MaxFire Distributor
MALLORY ProMaster Single Tower Coil
Ceramic Wires by ACCEL
Thruster EFI by ACCEL
3″ stainless Flowmaster exhaust

Wheels and Suspension
Roadster Shop FAST TRACK custom chassis
Penske Racing coilover shocks
IDIDIT steering column
Billet Specialties 22×10 front and 24×12 rear wheels with Pirelli tires

Vintage Air Heat and A/C
Kicker stereo system
Custom surf boards

Body and Exterior
Modified hood/fender opening
Stretched and reshaped rear wheel opening
Eliminated fender to cowl panel seams
Smoothed and tucked front and rear bumpers
Custom fabricated grille
Custom inner fenders and radiator close out panel
Smoothed firewall
Shaved door handles
Flush mounted windshield and back glass
1 piece door and side glass
Fuel filler mounted behind tail light
Custom, dual hump dash
Reworked original gauge cluster
Custom aluminum center console
1961 Impala front bucket seats, custom built rear bench
Hand built teak floors throughout the truck