“No Pictures” Honda CRX

Here is a little bit of trivia from the day the Cameron’s article “Modifying Shock Hangers on My 1996 C2500“, took place.

That day was memorable to me for several reasons.

1. We drove all the way downtown and were pretty much the only vehicle at the tire place we went to when we got there. Before we left, another customer had finally showed up, and it happened to be someone who lives a street down from Cameron who also drives a lowered extended cab short bed GMT400 truck… Small world.

2. We saw an actual Stealth R/T (not a 3000GT for once) on the way home.

3. It was hotter than SHIT outside and I felt terrible for hours afterwards.

4. And last but not least, this weird ass chopped up CRX drove past the house probably 5 or 6 times while we were out there. There was a guy sitting on the floor while he drove it because there were no seats and a couple times there was a kid standing in the car with him.

After about the 4th time of them buzzing us, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of them. The driver shouted “no pictures!” at me as he drove by, which really only encouraged me to take more pictures. I mean, I obscured their faces, and the asshole didn’t have a license plate on the car anyways, so what’s it matter?

I wish they would have pulled over. I would have liked to ask them what the deal was with the car, and what the canvas was for, and why they were driving laps around the block.

But most of all, I really wanted to be able to take a long, disapproving look at them and just ask them what they were doing, and have them understand that I mean both with the car, and with their lives, because that whole situation they’ve got going on just looks like a complete mess and we’re a long way from Burning Man.

Sort your fucking life out, mate.

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