Rare Bird.. Er Cat 1981 Mercury Cougar XR7 (Craigslist)

1981-Mercury-Cougar-XR7-01-whiteThe Mercury Cougar had a very strange 5th generation.  Only being around for the 1980-1982 model years it was short lived but included a sedan and for a its last year a wagon (spotted one a while back).  The car as a whole along with the 94hp I6 six on this XR7 pleased no one.  Ford knew this and abandoned the whole situation by dumping this setup for another design also on the Fox platform.  The next Cougars and Thunderbirds launched the Ford aero models.

If I had a bit more disposable income this would be sitting in my driveway, which means it’s still for sale so check out the Craigslist ad while you can.

Selling my very rare Cougar XR7. This is an original New Mexico car with only 66000 actual miles. Straight six, automatic. New tires, battery and steering rack. This is a fox platform car as well, so most Mustang Mods will bolt on. I do have a V8 K member that can go with the car if you want it.