Rare But Boring (1998-1999 Cadillac Fleetwood Limited)

Why would I post about an old boring Deville?  Well, what I have here is actually a pretty rare “Fleetwood Limited”.

Remember the mid 90’s?  Cars were being replaced with SUV’s in a time when they still made cars that were basically SUV’s.  Then in 1996 GM pulled the trigger and completely stopped production of all rear wheel drive body on frame cars (Cadillac Fleetwood included).  This left the smaller front wheel drive Deville competing with the larger Lincoln Town Car and Town Car L (extended wheelbase).

So for two years and two years only Cadillac teamed up with “Superior Coachbuilders”, a well known builder of limousines, livery cars, flower cars, and hearses.  They developed the Fleetwood Limited, a stretched out Deville to fill this void.  This $6,630 option added exactly 1 foot to the overall length of the car, making it 221.8 inches long (3 inches shorter than the last real Fleetwood).

Have a look between the back door and the wheel arch where it starts to become obvious that the car has been modified.  This car also has the optional side skirts, making it even more rare.  For something that is kind of boring it’s still cool to see, this is 1 out of 781 ever made.

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23 thoughts on “Rare But Boring (1998-1999 Cadillac Fleetwood Limited)

    • Hi i also have a 1999 fleetwood that i would like to sell. It is also mint 65000 miles gold pkg. vogue tires and rims,sun roof Any idea what it should sell for? thanks

      • My name is stan I live in VA Beach my phone number is 202 476 0808 I’m looking for a 1999 Cadillac Fleetwood limited is yours still for sale if it is hit me back can you send me some pictures to my phone

  1. I own triple black 99 Fleetwood Limited. It was originally purchased new by the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and used as a diplomatic transport sedan. It has 54000 original miles and is in perfect garage kept condition. I have a video of it on YOUTUBE, check it out! ?

  2. this is stan my phone number is 202 476 0808 please hit me up I want to buy a 1999 Cadillac Fleetwood limited some body help me I live in VA Beach but I don’t care where the car is from

  3. I am selling my 1999 Fleetwood Limited if anyone on this thread is still in the market for one or knows of someone who is. It’s Adriatic Blue and was the former car for the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C. The car is currently located in St. Louis, MO.

  4. I drive a 1999 Fleetwood Limited and I absolutely love the car but I’ve always wanted to have the folding desks in the rear of the car which is an option that we never had. Does anyone have any of these desks that they’d like to sell or information where I could get one or two? I’ve tried contacting Accubuilt and the original supplier of the desks but they don’t have any. Any help would be great!

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