Regeno’s 1966 Impala

My department just hired someone to work alongside me part-time. His name is Regeno, and this this is his daily-driven 1966 Impala. It’s currently powered by a 250 cubic-inch L6 through a 3 speed, column-shifted manual. Or “three-on-the-tree” for those of you that are in the know. It’s a work-in-progress and I hope these pictures show how much potential this car has. Also included is a video of it driving away for those of you that were curious what a 250 L6 sounded like with a chambered muffler. Enjoy the gallery below!

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3 thoughts on “Regeno’s 1966 Impala

    • I’ll make sure to let Geno know. He has two 66’s and got this one in a trade for his 283-powered, 67 impala wagon.

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