Scottsdale Int’l Auto Museum Opens Second Location at Metrocenter Mall

The Scottsdale International Auto Museum made headlines when they opened up shop in the Scottsdale Pavilions shopping center in 2011. Now the museum has just opened its second location inside Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix!

Currently, the museum has moved one of the most prominent vehicles in its collection to the new location: the 1936 Lincoln Aero Mobile owned by Howard Hughes. Hughes took the luxury sedan and chopped off the roof, then proceeded to cover up the rear seats with high-quality aircraft aluminum. This custom ride was built for speed, and it is estimated that the car can reach speeds above 100 miles per hour – no small feat in 1936!

In addition to cars, the new location also bills itself as a “Man Cave Boutique.” I have no idea what that means, but I am guessing they will be selling items such as neon signs, old license plates, and other automobile themed collectibles for your very own man cave.

If you have a chance to stop by and check it out, the museum is located at the north end of the mall (near Sears) on the lower level. Keep your eyes out for other cars on display at vacant business spaces within the mall!

9617 N. Metro Parkway W
Phoenix, AZ 85051