Second Gen Impulse Wagonback

Although I’ll admit they don’t get my blood pumping quite like the rear drive, DeLorean-raped-by-a-Scirocco, super Giugiaro-ey design, the second gen Impulses were still very cool cars.

For the 1990 model, Isuzu really did step things up to try and make the new car better than the previous one. GM held their newly acquired Lotus engineers at gunpoint and forced them to build Isuzu a better handling suspension setup than what was on the old car. All wheel drive was now offered, and the turbo model was up 20 horses, although it still only manged to crank out 160 of them.

The exterior styling of the car is pretty interesting. Basically, Isuzu was trying to make the car look as European as they could, and I think they did a pretty good job at that. The headlights definitely have a distinctive look to them.

I don’t know how many Impulses were sold in this wagonback style, but I would have to imagine they made up a fairly low percentage of the car’s sales. According to Wikipedia, there were only 2,300 Impulses still registered as of 2010, making this car a pretty rare sight. I think it’s funny that this particular car not only tows something, it does it with enough regularity that the owner has actually bothered to install a permanent connector for the trailer lights. Poor car. I feel especially sorry for the this car because I know the turbo motor was only offered on the coupe, so this thing must be doing some real struggling anytime pretty much anything is put behind it. As much as I hate to think about such a cool car being abused, I also love to see one actually being used, so I still feel OK about it though.

I just hope the owner’s got the stock wheels stored somewhere safe.

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