SEMA 2012: Acura NSX Roadster Concept Car

One of the many cool things about attending the SEMA show is that they have something for everyone. Besides the endless rows of muscle cars, classic cars, new cars, and off-road vehicles, there are cars on display which are just pure eye candy.

Take for example this Acura NSX Roadster concept car. It was built for and appeared in The Avengers movie which came out this summer.

In the movie, it is Tony Stark’s car and features a host of high-tech fantasy gadgets such as a palm-scanning steering wheel and a palladium-fueled engine.

The NSX has been out of production since 2005, and rumors about bringing it back have been circulating ever since. Acura have announced that a new NSX is scheduled to go into production in 2015 as a hybrid. Will the new NSX look anything like the movie car we see here? Maybe, maybe not. At this point, it is too early to tell.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures of this far-out movie car!

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2 thoughts on “SEMA 2012: Acura NSX Roadster Concept Car

    • I don’t think they’re looking to build a Ferrari-humbler anymore. They’re looking for a technological halo car, which is what the NSX offers. The whole idea of AWD with a front-wheel-electric-only is very exotic to most people. They’ll probably sell more based on the looks and The Avengers spot (the Transformers/Smokey and the Bandit effect) than they will based on the past glory of the previous generation. Which was powered by a v6 anyways.

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