SEMA 2012: Johnny Sparks Reversion Mustang

The “old meets new” game has been played many times in today’s muscle car market, but no one pulls it off quite like Johnny Sparks. This company has taken a modern-day S197 Mustang GT and re-skinned it with modified body panels from a 1968 and 1969 Mustang. There’s no fiberglass here, folks – this car is sheet metal all around!

The company have called their gorgeous creation the Reversion Mustang, and I spotted it on display outside the Central Hall at SEMA 2012. The car blends a one-of-a-kind retro look with the power and performance of a new Mustang. According to the company’s website:

The best part of it all? The Reversion Mustang still retains 100% of the modern drive train, interior, glass, moldings, weather stripping, lighting, and safety. These cars perform, feel, and seal up just like they did off the dealer lot.

From every angle, this is one beautiful car! I can’t wait to see what else comes out of their shop – we’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for sure. For more information, be sure to check them out at:

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One thought on “SEMA 2012: Johnny Sparks Reversion Mustang

  1. Thanks for noticing Johnny Sparks “Reversion” Mustang at SEMA it is a true work of Art! John Heermann was a quite young 19 year old farm kid from Colorado going to school in Lincoln, Ne. for Ag business when he walked into my restoration / custom shop, Auto Kraft. We have had over 62 young guys through our in house training program and many have gone on to be successful in the world of cars. We put John to work sanding a sweeping and in short order he worked up to basic body and metal work, it didn’t take long for him to earn the name “Johnny Sparks” for his love of welding and grinding within two years I had him working on Million Dollar Ferraris and Alfas along with American Muscle cars and classic Mustangs.

    The talk to redesign the new Mustang was floating around the shop, and Sparks not only dreamed about it, he went a did it! Somewhat under my control was John as he was still learning his craft here in the shop, but if I didn’t think he could pull it off or had the right stuff, sure grit and determination to do such a task I would have not allowed it. But I knew he could pull it off, after watching him learn metal finishing lead work etc. he was a natural. I helped with the design element of the Reversion and some of the body prep and paint work was done by Dan Homes and I. While Sparks took a break that summer only to work full time farming sun up to sun down.
    John taught him self the art of tig welding and working into the wee hours, falling a sleep on the floor beside the car, for he had a deadline to meet SEMA 2011 and he did it, and again with the new look in Blue for SEMA 2012!

    It is to early to sense where this car will will end up in Mustang history but it is sure to leave an impression with all Mustang enthusiast for years to come.
    The blending of yesteryear’s classic style and grace to modern-day high tech platforms have been done many times and most look a bit stumped. The Reversion hits some high water marks in design, execution, and a style all of it own, plus the fact it was built by a 22 year old farm kid on a shoe string budget with a couple old time craftsmen lending a helping hand in nine months! is sure to be legendary in time.
    Just glad to see Sparks and his project get the recognition it deserves!

    thanks for noticing true automotive art!

    Doug Kielian
    Auto Kraft body & design
    Lincoln, Neb.

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