Mitch Henderson’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro TEC9

The SEMA Show is the world’s showcase for automotive aftermarket parts and custom fabrication. While there were lots of amazing cars to look at, I found myself circling around this car from Mitch Henderson Designs at the JET Performance booth.

This 1969 Camaro “TEC 9” can best be described as aircraft gray with a clear coat, which is a welcome departure from the usual candy-colored, metallic, or two-tone paint jobs you’ll see at SEMA. The flat yellow stripes are a cool touch that I’ve never seen before.

I’ve got to tell you, it takes a lot of time in the body shop to make a car look this good. Sure, they’ve done the obvious modifications like shaving the drip rails, door handles, and recessing the bumpers into the body. However, it takes a keen eye to spot the minor details.

For example, the window glass has been flush mounted with the body panels. That rear “whale tail” spoiler isn’t a bolt-on: it’s made of metal and it’s been welded on and smoothed into the body lines of the car. Look closely at the interior and you will notice it has a full roll cage. Furthermore, the rear fenders have been flared out an extra 2 inches while maintaining a stock look. Sounds easy, but each little piece takes a ton of work.

The guys at MHD really went to town with a custom pro-touring suspension setup. This ’69 Camaro has a C6 front suspension and a handmade 4-link in the rear. The whole thing includes AirRide Technologies’ ShockWave air springs at each corner (bags that mount like coilovers). There’s also a Wilwood big brake kit for stopping power and custom swaybars in the front and rear to help keep the chassis stiff when cornering.

Speaking of the chassis, this one is truly one-of-a-kind. Check out this build photo I found on their Facebook page: WOW! They built a custom, fully-boxed chassis for this car out of some very heavy duty looking steel. I’d bet this car has more towing capacity than most SUVs. This thing is beefy!!

The car’s rear wheel wells have been tubbed in order to clear the one-off Bonspeed Delta V wheels, which measure 19×8 in the front and 20×12 in the rear. As you can see, the wheels have been color matched to the car’s grey and yellow theme.

The TEC-9 Camaro looks a lot like a fighter jet on the outside, but it’s all premium luxury on the inside. There’s a two-tone black and tan leather interior with an in-dash screen and some classy looking gauges.

If you’ve read all about this car and you’re thirsty for more, you are in luck because I’ve saved the best for last. The guys at Mitch Henderson Designs didn’t exhaust all of their creative energy on the body and the interior. No, this ’69 Camaro is still a muscle car!

Under the hood is an LS7 V8 engine from Don Hardy Racing that pumps out a staggering 680 horsepower! It’s backed by a Keisler 6-speed manual transmission and a Strange Engineering 9″ rear end. That’s enough power to make pencil erasers out of those massive rear tires!

Hats off to Mitch Henderson Designs and their truly original TEC9 Camaro!

Contact Information:
Mitch Henderson Designs
929 J-Place #500
Plano, TX 75074