SEMA 2012: The 69’er II

Let’s get this straight: As much as I love the old steel, I’m no hot rod historian. I stopped to snap some pictures of the 69’er because of the blown Oldsmobile drivetrain sitting between the frame rails.The front end looked familiar, but little did I know, I was looking at a piece of history.

If you recognize the front end as well, it’s likely from the cover of The Beach Boys’ album “Little Deuce Coupe”. Now those who see the 69’er know it’s no Deuce and obviously not a coupe, so what gives? Silver Sapphire, the car on the cover (though obviously not the namesake of the song) was the sister build, so to speak, of the 69’er. Both cars built by the Alexander Brothers in the early 1960’s, and both were powered by converted GMC diesel blowers. I can only imagine how much horsepower the 330 cubic inch Olds made with that blower on top, it’s highest factory rating was 320hp in 1966 and that was with a mild 10:1 compression ratio and a 4-bbl carburetor.

Now here was my biggest surprise: This isn’t the actual 69’er. This car is a remake made by Blast From The Past Street Rods located in Pottstown, PA. Everything down to it’s whitewall-clad reverse chrome wheels was made to look like the original 69’er, with maybe exception the smog-era #8 350 heads, which have a combustion chamber that displaces 79cc (equal to that of most big block Olds heads) but makes sense for a blown motor.

If you want to learn more about the 69’er II, you can reach Blast From The Past Street Rods at their facebook page or their website.