SEMA 2013: 1949 Chevrolet Tin Woody

Showing up to a car show in a wood-paneled hot rod is like showing up to a bikini contest with a Brazilian swimsuit model. Even if you don’t win a trophy, you’ve already won the approval of everyone else at the show. I imagine that the owner of this 1949 Chevrolet got a lot of nods of approval during the 4 days it was on display at SEMA 2013.

The car was done by “Customs by Kilkeary” from Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. The most striking feature of the car is its beautiful wood finish on the exterior. I can’t even comprehend the hours of sanding and buffing that must have gone into this thing! But I can tell you that it looked absolutely flawless in person.

I couldn’t find a detailed build list for this car anywhere on the web, but here’s what I do know: it’s got an LS1 engine under the hood for modern power and reliability. It rides on a Roadster Shop chassis for improved ride and handling.

The leather interior is made from the same top-grain material used by Ferrari. Finally, the exterior is painted with BASF Glasurit-90 paint, which is real top-of-the-line stuff.

This car has won numerous awards including a Top 10 Award from GoodGuys and was recognized by Street Rodder magazine as one of the top 100 cars in the nation!

I think it’s a pretty cool car and definitely deserves some recognition. What do you think?