SEMA 2014: Bob Bruhn’s 1965 “Black Marlin”

Black Marlin 003I’m going to get this out of the way: I’m still sick and tired of seeing Chevy motors in every god damn pro-street, pro-touring, or resto-mod or any other bullshit modernized car trend. To me, to see a really nice 343 under this hood would have been icing on the cake. However, as I get older, I realize that concerns about time and cost involved in finding parts for these now almost relic V8 engines are often overshadowed by the thousands of dollars that goes into the aesthetics of a show car. Plus, I would imagine the 600hp LS3 probably clicks off a quarter mile run that’s a tad faster than the mid 17’s it ran with it’s original 327.

Black Marlin 001

Besides my engine prejudices, this car is absolutely beautiful and I had to stop to snap a picture of it at the House of Kolor/Valspar booth.

The most common thing I heard people saying about this car was something along the lines of, “Back in the day, these cars we’re considered ugly.” I can’t comment on the public perception of this car when it was new, having only achieved the age of 28 as of this article.

Either way, there’s no point comparing this chopped, dropped modern-day Kustom to the original car. With enough Mopar and Bow-Tie parts involved in it’s Rhinoplasty to render the front end near unrecognizable, and enough Ford and Chevy engine and drive train components to make it Marlin in name (and roof) only.

Black Marlin 004Black Marlin 002

Black Marlin 005