SEMA 2014: Chevrolet Super C10 by Chuck Mallett

Super c10 002At the Kooks booth I came across a real interesting specimen that despite it’s retro leanings, really stands out. I find this interesting for two reasons: The first being that we seem to be coming to the end of the current manufacturer’s retro styling craze; second being that I’m particularly jaded when it comes to this type of treatment, whether it’s old-to-new or new-to-old.

That’s not to say there isn’t a few things here that I disagree with. The biggest discrepancy begins with this truck starting out life as a 2014 4WD 6.2L quad cab. If this cocksucker is four wheel drive, then wouldn’t it be the super K10? Also, then why the hell would you put those wheels and tires on it?

Super c10 001

Speaking of the wheels and tires, It definitely doesn’t jive with the retro leanings. I’m assuming they were going for a 68-72 look and these wheels just don’t make sense in that context. I’m trying to ignore the fact that they’re absurdly large, because somehow upper middle class suburbanites are always going to ape what urban culture deems cool. This thing could have had the exact set of wheels at seventeen inches and some Goodyear Eagle GT’s on and been more in line with their overall look, despite the wrong hubcaps being on it.

The interior with it’s Camaro-esque houndstooth textiles and over chromed plastic bits doesn’t do much for me either. Maybe I’m some kind of strange traditionalist, but I would have preferred a single cab truck with a big fucking bench seat and a dash more reminiscent of the era this truck is trying to be. A stick shift sticking up out of the floor would have been smile worthy as well.

Super c10 005

I think I’ve bitched quite enough at this point. Let’s look past the subjective cues and heavy coca-cola endorsement to see what’s really neat here. How about 750hp? Not bad at all. Not to mention that all the side trim was custom made and looks great in person.

This truck had just enough of that old truck mojo on it’s surface to make me stop and smile. Even if offered with stock wheels and the standard 6.2L instead of this fire-breathing monster they’d probably make a killing. Many of the things we liked about earlier pickups style is here in full effect. All of the things (I may enjoy) that many people would put on the “con” list are absent.

If you’re Joe Familyman, how could you go wrong? You’d be the envy of all the fantasy football-playing, yes-men that occupy the cubicles around you.

Super c10 004Super c10 003