Hurst Ed 1968 Ford Mustang GT Restomod

hurst-1968-ford-mustang-rearAs with clothing and music, cars are also subject to generational fads in taste. One of the more popular looks right now is cars that are “murdered out.” This look involves a black car with black wheels and tires, dark tinted windows, tinted taillight lenses, and the removal of all trim, badging, and emblems. This gives the car a sinister look that is very en vogue right now.

This 1968 Mustang GT seems to have been built to rebel against the murdered out look! This car has so much white, it looks like it’s been “Angeled out” (a term I made up just now). But for all its heavenly whiteness, this Mustang can still run with the herd.

I couldn’t find much about the car online, but it does have a body kit with a different front bumper and side skirts, plus a NASCAR-style rear spoiler. The back seat has been removed and replaced with a roll bar, indicating this car may be a track-day sleeper.

The inside is a no-nonsense environment completely free of driver distractions. The car has a very no-nonsense interior with no distractions. There is no radio and no center console to hold beverages or phones. Just you, the steering wheel, and the shift knob.

On the outside, I think the wheels are a bit too busy for the car and that a nice set of Bullitt wheels would be just the right look.

The Hurst emblems on the grille and fuel filler make me think this car was built in-house at Hurst, instead of outsourced to a hot rod shop like most of the booth cars at SEMA.

What do you think of the Hurst Mustang?