Snowflake Wheels and Rainbow Paint


Is this the look for mini trucks nowadays? That paint didn’t even look good on the Cobra it came from, and those wheels look dumb on anything that’s not a holiday-themed parade float. What happened to all the hardbodies with the crooked plates in the tailgate and Escalade wheels? Those required some amount of brain power and skill to cobble together, which is at least basic hotrodding.

I see it has a sunroof, which deserves points for originality, though I think it’s a stupid idea to cut a hole in the roof any car. I like t-tops though, so I guess I’m just being a curmudgeon. Either way, what a waste of money. I can think of two better uses for this thing:

  1. Putting it’s small size and light weight to good use by stuffing a v8 under the hood. I don’t even care if it’s a belly button small block Chevy (though something different could be cool)
  2. Using it as a truck.

I hope it’s next owner paints it primer gray and drives it around on IROC wheels, terrorizing the shit out of the neighbors. That’s the life this truck deserves, not being a “My Little Pony” tribute pick up.