Spartan II Neoclassic Car

Based on the picture, you may be thinking “Oh boy, here comes another lame kit car!” But if you lump the Spartan II in with the Excalibur, Gazelle, Tiffany, Zimmer, or any other neo-classic automobile, you would have made a serious mistake.

You see, reproductions of old-timey cars are often built around cheap mass-market vehicles such as a Ford Pinto or a Volkswagen. While this arrangement makes a neoclassic car practical to own, it also places them at the low end of the performance spectrum.

The Spartan II is different. While its rounded headlamps and swooping front fenders may harken back to the early days of motoring, it’s a completely different story under the hood. That’s because the Spartan II is actually based on the Nissan 300ZX, a compact sports car from Japan! With its front-engine, rear drive layout and 2+2 seating configuration, the Spartan II is a bit sportier than you might expect.

The company set up shop in San Marcos, California sometime in the late 1970s. Most of the cars I’ve seen online have the 3.0L overhead cam V6 from the 1984-1989 Nissan 300ZX, which makes a decent 160 horsepower and 173 ft-lbs of torque. However, I did come across one 1983 model online which has the 2.8L Turbocharged inline-6 from the Nissan 280ZX.

I really have no idea how long Spartan was around, which engines they used and when, or how many cars they built before going out of business. Information about them is hard to find and there’s not as much of a fanbase as there is around other neoclassic cars. If you know anything more about these cars, please chime in and post a comment!

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51 thoughts on “Spartan II Neoclassic Car

  1. The Spartan II was designed by Ron Sparks of Clenet fame and in direct competition to Brooks Stevens Excalibur fame.

    My research says about 80 were built between 1983 and 1993 when the factory closed the doors in San Marcos, CA.

    My wife owns the Auto Show car and it is in pristine condition with only 19,000 miles. It was the cover car to all the brochures done by Spartan Motorcars, The only thing changed was the tires. I put wide whitewalls on the car to resemble the 1935 Mercedes 500K that Sparks used as a design inspiration.

    I’m not sure how many still exist, but I do know the cars were purchased by celebrity types such as Eddie Murphy, Joan Collins, Tony Dorsett, and Larry Holmes.

    At one point Spartan had a contract to sell these custom coach built cars throughout Nissan Dealers, at least in California.

    All the servicing is done at the Nissan dealership. It is a real attention magnet, and if you own one be prepared to tell the story forever.

    • Very hard search for info, but found approximately 350 cars were built from 1983 – 1999. called a Spartan 1983 that used the 280zx that year and later called Spartan II starting 1984 when Nissan came out with the 300zx that year, found on some internet websites and cars for sale,

      • I own a 94 Spartan. I talked to ron sparks’ son Terry who told me there were about 500 made. They were made through 1996. He didn’t know how many were left. I found about 15 Spartans were left.

    • A friend of mine has a Spartan 1987 for sale and he doesnt know what to ask for it.its in mint condition it has 40,000.I was hoping maybe someone could tell me what he should ask for it.thank you

    • My name is James, I found a 1984 Spartan ll for sale on a country road. The owner is asking $8000. Automobile need new seats, carpet, paint (lots of oxidation), Dash, door paniels, all chrome, body, motor, transmission, power train and everything else looks good. Mileage is 120,000. Question. are parts still available (should I ever need them) and is the car worth $8,000?

  2. Hello,
    My name is George. I am looking to buy an original Spartan II emblem for the front hood. Do you have any idea where can I find one or who to contact?
    Any information will be highly appreciated
    Thank you.

  3. I have an 83 built on the 82 280zx Car #32. It is a daily driver, been on several road trip vacations. Not a trailer Queen. it is the wine color with lite silver body and red interior. I purchase it in 98 and did not intend to keep it. Every car show, I bring back some kind of award. Still do not know how many were built.

  4. Mine is a 1984 #50 with 280zx engine. Mr Sparks projected building 500 total, but I believe less than 100 was built. A gas station stop normally lasts 30 min 🙂

  5. I’M looking for the seller of this white Spartan II. I”m living in Montreal and I want to know if this Spartan is for sale. and how much. If it’s interesting, I will come over to buy it right away

  6. Mr. Valentino;
    We own the Spartan II in the first response. It has 19,000 miles is a 1990 and one of eight made that year. My wife has owned it since new and bought it direct from the president of Spartan Motorcars. It has total documentation since new and has been impeccably maintained. We are asking $35,000.

  7. i am currently working on this Spartan2 pictured. If anyone has a lead on a original rear bumper. Please let me know. Also if anyone needs any kind of restoration work on their Spartan. I can work on them.

  8. I’m interested in purchasing a Spartan but having a difficult time finding one on the traditional venues. Don’t want a trailer queen but need something in decent shape for summertime local shows with my grandkids.

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  10. We have a 1992 Spartan II for sale.
    White with tan leather. Excellent condition.
    18,000 miles. Garaged. Asking $29,000.

  11. If anyone is willing to turn one into a time machine and build a flux capacitor for it and are going to be in trouble with hooligans that are going to be coming to get then. Call me/text me, because this whole cubs in the playoffs and trump getting elected ordeal like back to the future 2 predicted would happen is making me excited to time travel.

  12. Hey to anyone still on this post. I work on older Z’s. Have a client that needs to sell a 1980 Spartan on 280zx non-turbo chassis. Anyone interested, please call me Nick @ Saddleback Cars 949-855-6700

  13. My name is James. I am thinking of buying a 1984 Spartan Il. I found it driving down a country road with a For Sale sign in the window I called the owner and he wants $8,000. The car needs painting, new leather seats and carpet. Car has 71,000 miles. All chrome, tires, wheels are in good shape. Body is in good shape with no damage. Car starts and runs great. Question, is the car worth $8,000, also are parts hard to find? I would appreciate anyone’s comments. James

  14. I have a 87 Spartan II for sale, $10,000. Rides and drives great. Paint in fair condition call or test Joe at (601) 260-1805

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