Straight Away

Welcome back to great driving roads found here in Arizona. Before I start the article, I’d like to begin with this warning:

Street racing is illegal in any form. We do not condone taking risks that put innocent people in danger, however we do not have a holier than thou perspective on the subject. No one is perfect. Just about every automotive enthusiast has committed an illegal action while operating a moving vehicle. These articles are for driving enjoyment purposes only. If you want to test the limits of your car:

Take it to the track!

For today’s feature we have a very simple but abandoned straightaway in north Phoenix. Because of the nature of it we’ll let the video and images speak for themselves.

As you can see, once you hit the second intersection of roads, you’ve reached approximately a 1/4 mile length. Unless you’re out here racing hypercars, that allows you more than enough time to decelerate before getting back on to the main road.

Looking down the track from the beginning “U-turn”

When you get off the main road on to the straightaway itself, I would not advise accelerating towards the end until you’ve driven up it a few times. The end of the road is a metal barrier that “saves” you from speeding into the desert. Crashing into this thing would be catastrophic to say the least.

The car in the video is a Lincoln Mark VII LSC equipped with a 5.0L HO V8, owned and driven by our fellow editor Mike.

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