Suzuki Samurai DIY Slantback

I¬†actually¬†think this is pretty cool. Sure, it’s never going to last, and the round windows are a little very ridiculous. If he would have just sprayed some bedliner over the wood (it sticks just fine, ask me how I know) and used some …less round windows it would be a pretty cool look.

I have to applaud it because it’s got to be a real bitch building that thing and keeping it from contorting and falling apart as you try to hoist it up onto your Samurai by yourself. I’m assuming this guy did everything on his own, because I doubt there are three people in the world who think this is a good idea and I know I wasn’t involved in the process. It must be a weird feeling looking up as you sit in your truck and seeing bare, untreated wood above you. It’s awesome.

Forget rollovers, rain, thefts, and cargo space concerns. If that were my creation, my biggest fear would be walking out to my Samurai in a parking lot and finding that some asshole had installed subwoofers in all of my windows again.

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