Dear Suzuki, Please Just Give It Up Already

I don’t get it. Suzuki is something I’ve never really understood. They are known for making some insanely fast bikes. Obviously they know about fast exciting things, or at least are hip to the idea of people getting enjoyment out of a vehicle, right? Well, do they design their motorcycles in Japan and their cars in a fucking turn-of-the-century opium den? Because this car, whatever it is- I simply can’t bring myself to dignify or accept its existence with even the slightest bit of research– is the absolute embodiment of the term “snooze-worthy”. These …things, whatever they are, probably contribute to thousands of accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel every year. How can these designers live with themselves? I really do wonder. I don’t wonder how they sleep at night though, a quick glance at the take-home car in the garage probably puts them out like a light. Or maybe its the opium.

Also, someone really likes industrial music. Somehow.

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I love anything you can drive. But I love it even more if it has a small block Chevy or Ford motor, a turbo, four wheel drive, is a hatchback, or was made in the 80s. My ideal car would be a combination of all of these things, and I’m working on building a time machine so I can go back to the 80’s and convince Chevy and Ford to collaborate on a twin-engine, single turbo 4×4 XR4Ti/Fox Mustang/Third Gen F-body and hide one in a mineshaft for me to recover in brand new condition. Look for a blog post about it just as soon as it happens. Or maybe it already did, and I’ve already posted about it in the future and the internet just needs to catch up with it.

Okay, my head hurts, never mind.

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