At first, I hated it.

But after thinking about it for a while- …Ok, so I still hate it, but I have to admit- I also kind of admire it. Now, before I lose ALL of what’s left of my credibility here, let me explain:

To me, this car has a certain level of honesty to it, because I would have to imagine that nobody would ever put decals like this on their Corvette thinking people would think they look cool (except maybe a 3rd grader). This Corvette, in contrast to all the kids with their “illest” stickers and anodized tow hooks, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Sure, it’s a terrible concept, executed poorly, and although why someone would do something like this is just beyond my scope of comprehension, at least it’s something tastelessly original. I like to imagine this car tearing ass around town, piloted by some sort of irony-loathing anti-hipster, scaring the shit out of all the actual hipsters in their shapeless Audis as they nod their heads disapprovingly at at just how unbelievably unhip this guy is, knowing that he knows it, and wondering how it doesn’t bother him.


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