20,000 Leagues (Dodge Ram)


I remember hearing about some guys in LA or some other city with really congested roads who put on puppet shows in the bed of their truck for people behind them to watch while everyone is stuck in traffic. This guy puts them to shame- he’s basically driving around showing everyone all the best parts from every IMAX movie for free.

I have to admit, that is some really high quality airbrush work. Bonus points because it’s not a mural of his truck on his truck (give yourself a pat on the back, dawg).

It’s still ridicufuckinglous though.

Fresh Shark Jetta, Bro

What words would you use to describe a shark?

To me, a shark is a large, powerful, menacing, smooth, streamlined,  graceful, terrifyingly aggressive creature who’s sole purpose in life is to indiscriminately fuck shit up and strike fear into the heart of any poor bastard who happens to get in his way. And seriously, if I had to pick a car that least demonstrated every single one of those qualities, the 3rd Generation Jetta would probably be it.

 But then again, it’s not like the car is actually trying to be a shark, I suppose. Sharks don’t exactly swim around in the ocean with airbrushed graphics of other sharks and blood and weird designs all over their bodies. That would be really weird. I guess it would be best to think of this car as some sort of rolling, over the top shark tribute. But why on Earth would somebody do something like this?

You know what? Forget it. I really don’t think I even want to know.