1969 AMC AMX

AMC stands out as a car maker that produced some very ambitious designs, despite having to compete in the same arena as the Big Three of Detroit. During their ownership of Jeep they created the Cherokee, turned the CJ-7 into the Wrangler, and used their ownership of Jeep to create the first joint US-China auto manufacturing venture. That was way back in 1984, when GM was barely getting it’s shit together with the Corvette. Thanks to said Jeep ownership, they were also able to create the AMC Eagle. Essentially a parts bin 4×4 passenger car, it pretty much defines the CUVs of today, while being infinitely more bad ass in the process. Continue reading

Where the Hell Have I Been?

Do you remember ever being so sick when you were a kid that you had to miss an extended time from school? Like more than three days. Or perhaps you were like I was in school and were simply asked to please not to come back for said period? That’s what it feels like for me right now. Continue reading

Blown Gremlin


You can usually find this Gremlin at the Pavilions on Saturday nights. I’ve never been able to find the owner of the car but I’d eventually like to find him and ask him some questions about the car, but for now, I’ll just go out on a limb here and assume that it’s really fast.

This car is weird, and I love that about it. I love the front end, the bare metal, theĀ bizarreĀ half back window and the motor, of course, but I find the interior especially cool. I like everything about it, from the screen, to the randomly placed ignition components on the floor, even the “gremlin” in the sheet metal of the dash. It’s just a really cool car. Enjoy the pics!

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