GenHO 1 Year Anniversary: “What Got You Into Cars?” – Bryan, Editor

It basically goes something like this.  I was born in the mid 1980’s. My family hauled my brother and I around in the back seat of a 1979 Ford Thunderbird until the mid to late 1990’s. Continue reading

GenHO 1 Year Anniversary: “What Got You Into Cars?” – Trevor Freeman, Senior Features Editor

I wasn’t born a car nut.

I didn’t grow up watching my dad, grandpa, or uncle work on cars. My parents never had any cool cars when I was a kid. I never raced go-karts or flipped through mail-order catalogs building dream engines in my head.

In Arizona you can get your learner’s permit at age 15 and 7 months. I never got around to it until I was 17. I’ve only ever owned one car: a crappy 90s GM front-wheel drive econobox. At the risk of losing my last shred of credibility with my readers, I never learned to properly drive a stick shift.

So, what got me into cars?

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GenHO 1 Year Anniversary: “What Got You Into Cars?” – Cameron Tunstall, Editor-in-Chief

This picture could really say it all for me. It’s Easter, 1994. My brother and I have just gotten a brand-new Sega Genesis Model 2 to replace our Nintendo Entertainment System that was destroyed by the family dog. Before we left to buy our first cartridge for it, we took this photo out in front of our home. This is in Maryvale, a suburb of Phoenix, and a rough one at that.

We were the family with the giant four-wheel-drive pick up in the front yard.

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