Fuck Crossin Over To Them (S10 Blazer)

Believe it or not but there used to be small trucks, with a frame and everything, like this S10 Blazer I spotted the other day.  Now, I understand that the ‘need’ isn’t really there anymore but I miss seeing them around.  pretty much everything out there now is based off of a family sedan, which seems odd for a ‘truck’.

Crossovers are basically cars that sit too high with a hatch and worse mileage.  I’m not saying to sell your Fusion Edge or Altima Murano to rush out and buy a beat up old S10, what I’m trying to say is that if you keep mindlessly buying this shit they will keep making it.  Maybe I’m too old, or out of the loop, or I just simply do not get it (or all three).  Do people buy them to sit up higher and feel more confident?  I drive a 4 door car that is neither lifted nor lowered, I can see traffic around me just fine and I’m willing to bet it would do just as well offroad.  I’m having a hard time seeing the benefits of a crossover vs a normal car.

So you want a car that kind of reminds you of sitting in a small truck?  Is it one of those too cool for school things? You don’t want to be seen in a mini van so you choose to drive a what is essentially a mini van without sliding doors hoping that no one will notice?  The world may never know.  Then again, why were people buying S10 blazers?  Who knows?   At least they were capable when they needed to be though.

You are the reason they don’t make wagons anymore, and I’ve been on a wagon kick lately.. asshole.
Oh yeah, the S10 Blazer.. I didn’t crawl under it to have a look at what’s doing under the hood.  I know that I sure wouldn’t want someone crawling under my car while I was in the store, so I can’t confirm that there’s a small block sitting under the hood.  However, It’s safe to assume that there is and has been one there for probably 15 years, 6 years after they bought those wheels.  This truck is so close to looking right, I hope they fix some of what they messed up in the (obviously) 90’s.

Snowflake Wheels and Rainbow Paint


Is this the look for mini trucks nowadays? That paint didn’t even look good on the Cobra it came from, and those wheels look dumb on anything that’s not a holiday-themed parade float. What happened to all the hardbodies with the crooked plates in the tailgate and Escalade wheels? Those required some amount of brain power and skill to cobble together, which is at least basic hotrodding. Continue reading