1984 Cadillac Deville Flower Car (El Camino)

On the trip back from the SEMA show we spotted this 1984 Cadillac Deville Flower Car at a dealership in Wickenburg. The place seemed to be closed down for the day so any and all questions went unanswered. A quick search of the VIN shows that this car started out life in early 1984, as a 1984 Coupe Deville. It was equipped with a somewhat useless 4.1 V8, which I’m sure scooted a full bed of flowers along just fine. Continue reading

Presently Unpleasantly Pink Pyramid-scheme-mobile (Mary Kay Cadillac SRX)

The first Mary Kay pink Cadillac was purchased in 1968 by Mary Kay herself as a personal car. She had the dealership paint it a light shade of pink to match some of her most popular cosmetics. The car attracted all sorts of attention and she took advantage of this, buying a pink Cadillac for her top sellers.. eventually working the whole thing into part of her genius pyramid scheme that continues to this day. Continue reading

The Worst of Barrett-Jackson 2013

If you haven’t read Trevor’s article entitled, “10 Things I Loved About Barrett-Jackson 2013” then you should check it out. It gives great perspective of the event seen from the eyes of a journalist. I figured that because of it, I’d like to cover the things I disliked about Barrett-Jackson 2013. Considering that nothing about the event itself was particularly unique from any other large event in it’s faults – and that we’re an automotive media website – I’d talk about the worst cars I saw there. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’m pretty sure these cars would only appeal to the aesthetic mindset of a pre-teen.

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Flame War


This is pretty outrageous. The guy’s got a matching Escalade EXT, Chevy truck bed trailer, (useless) ATV, radio controlled ATV, and model ATV. Also, notice the fact that he has a custom painted grill but also wants you to know he has a mesh grill too. I hate it. I hate it so much.

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2000 Cadillac Deville DTS (Thermal) Night Vision System

Remember the commercials for Cadillac’s night vision system a few years back? Much like GM you probably forgot all about them. Well, the next time you spot a 2000-2005 Deville with what appears to be a stolen crest from its (dark grey) grill go in for a closer look, that’s where they mounted the camera for that night vision setup. I came across this one at Biosphere 2, which seems like the perfect place to spot old future-technology. The idea with this system was that for (only) $1,995 you could keep yourself aware of whatever night time danger may be ahead by projecting a live feed from a night shot camera onto your front window.

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This is something that has been bothering me for a while now.

For those of you who aren’t privy to all the (not so) new shit, I’ll fill you in real quick: The “VIP Style” story goes that sometime in the 90s, Japanese gangsters drove around town, showing off in expensive German cars but then gradually started getting tired of being identified as gang members by cops and rival gangs. So, they decided they would be much less noticeable if they drove around in Japanese luxury cars instead. Continue reading