The Incident

So, I was out on a bike ride, just trying to get some fresh air, and in the middle of some random neighborhood, I happened upon this:

If you think it looks like a Cavalier in the middle of the road, sitting on a brake rotor with nobody in the car, you’d be absolutely correct. What the picture doesn’t show is the house-length groove the car made in the asphalt before it grinded to a stop.

I didn’t see “The Incident” unfold, however. I stumbled into the situation just like this. There wasn’t a soul in sight, no wheel anywhere, nothing. Just a car in the middle of the road. Don’t you just love a good mystery?

Spoiler Alert

In 2002 you were way into the Wright brothers.. or the Vin Diesel, well in 2007 I took a picture of it, and in 2012 I’m sharing it.

Pardon the awesome VGA images.