Engine Patina

I understand the “Retro” craze has pretty much taken a stranglehold on all aspects of automobile culture. From Bryan Nesbitt-designed econocars like the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevrolet HHR to performance vehicles like the Mercedes SLS AMG and the (much more pedestrian in comparison) Chevrolet SSR. All the way up to the 60’s/70’s mash-ups of the current crop of pony cars; grabbing bits and pieces in an attempt revive the mojo that can only be found in the golden age of automotive performance. Continue reading

Snowflake Wheels and Rainbow Paint


Is this the look for mini trucks nowadays? That paint didn’t even look good on the Cobra it came from, and those wheels look dumb on anything that’s not a holiday-themed parade float. What happened to all the hardbodies with the crooked plates in the tailgate and Escalade wheels? Those required some amount of brain power and skill to cobble together, which is at least basic hotrodding. Continue reading

Spoiler Alert

In 2002 you were way into the Wright brothers.. or the Vin Diesel, well in 2007 I took a picture of it, and in 2012 I’m sharing it.

Pardon the awesome VGA images.

Hell And Back

If cars could talk, I think most of them would probably just be complaining all the time. Loudly. They would whine about not having their oil changed often enough, about speed bumps, or maybe about kids spilling drinks inside them. Some of them would most likely piss and moan about not getting to “stretch their legs” on the open road often enough. Others would be begging to be painted a different color, or even to simply be run through a car wash every once in a while. A few of the grievances would be understandable, but for the most part, nobody would have anything real to complain about.

In a crowded parking lot world populated by obnoxious loudmouth econoboxes desperately vying for your attention, this guy would be way in the back by himself, staring at the ground, reluctant to even speak. There would be an awkward silence for what would have felt like an eternity, after which he would pick his weary head up, look you dead in the eye, and you two would share a brief moment of understanding. Just before you start to turn and walk the other way, a hoarse, gravelly voice- barley audible over the din of the parking lot- would utter “I’ve seen some shit”.

FFT: The Beginning

This truck was an 18th birthday present from my parents. It’s a 1965 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside. I finally have my own garage so I’ve begun to tear down now, nearing my 26th birthday. I’ve gotten quite a ways past the pictures you’ll see here, but in the interest of keeping my updates short and readable, I’ll start from the beginning. Continue reading