Who Has Time To Wait For A New Ford Ranger? (1998 Saturn SW2 Pickup Truck)

1998 Saturn SW2 Wagon El Camino Front

Somehow this Saturn truck (by way of SW2 wagon) didn’t make an appearance at any of the big auctions out in Scottsdale this week..

Let’s get into some of the details here. The bedsides seem to be topped off with rain gutters screwed onto planks of wood and the double din stereo appears to have been installed with a similar level of precision and care. The whole thing is probably twice the rattle trap it was when stock, this is where the straight pipes come in to drone drown out the sound. Continue reading

Ford F-350 Centaurus III


Apparently, this truck has nothing to do with the similarly named Bronco Centurion (one of which I keep seeing but never when I have my camera). The company that does the “Centaurus” conversions is called LCM and I can’t find much information about them at all. It appears that they mostly converted Chevy and Ford vans and Explorers though, and the F-350 conversions are said to be very rare, which I believe, since I haven’t been able to find a picture of a truck on the internet yet that looks similar to this one at all.

The actual conversion itself is pretty much what you’d expect from a typical conversion van, from what I’ve read. They are supposed to be really plush and luxurious inside, but I wasn’t able to get close enough to take a look. Looking at the outside of the truck, it isn’t hard to imagine how tasteless customized these vehicles are inside.

That fact that all the accessories on the truck were designed by the same company and professionally installed does make it look much better than most of the other hyper-accessorized trucks out there (why are there so many of them anyways?) I guess you could say it’s tasteless, done tastefully.

Electric Rabbit Pickup

Ok, well… I apologize, I thought I had pictures of the outside of this thing but I can’t find them anywhere so I guess I don’t have any. But it’s still pretty interesting to see what’s going on under the hood and inside the truck. That “Battery Managerial System” is cool looking.

I wish I knew more about the car and if I ever see it again I’ll get some information from the owner but for now just enjoy the pictures and use your imagination.