Driven: 1985 Z31 300ZX 2+2

Welcome back to Driven, where we feature cool cars found in hotel parking lots that are actually driven! Today we have a naturally aspirated 2+2 300zx. It has a beautiful interior, metallic brown paint and a manual transmission! Judging by the lack of a Datsun badge, 50th Anniversary Edition-styled steering wheel, Leather interior and steering wheel controls, we can decipher that this is more than likely a 1985 GLL-trim model.

The car you see here is powered by a SOHC 3.0L V6 that managed to make 160hp in it’s naturally aspirated form, according to Nissan. Not too shabby considering a 5.7L v8 nearly twice it’s size could barely manage similar numbers with exception to the brand-new L98 TPI mill for the 1985 model year.


Corvette Type S

I can’t believe how often I find myself uttering under my breath
“Dude! You drive a motherfucking Corvette! Why do you feel the need to embellish it with fake badges for models that don’t exist and RED lug nuts?!”
Why do people do things like this? And how do they afford things like this? Is it credit? Is this why the country is going to shit? Or is this just an indicator of it all? Ugh.