While looking for yard sales on a quiet Saturday, I came across this vehicle. I was laughing at the combination of 4 Dodge Ram tail lights and the CHMSL above them. We love featuring Recreational Vehicles that have head lights and tail lights from production vehicles. I guess with the Cummins power plant, the four Ram lights are necessary, if it was only two lights we would know it was powered by a “Hammy”. Totally joking here. Anywho, as I waited the 45 seconds it took me to pass the body of this mile-long behemoth I was still chuckling pretty good about the silly back end. When I saw the front though, I realized this was no laughing matter.

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1989 Dodge Shelby CSX-VNT

When you hear the name “Shelby”, you probably think of either a Mustang or an AC Cobra (or a replica of one, anyways), but that’s because your brain is probably blocking out that bizarre time period in the 80’s when sporting a car with a Shelby logo on it meant driving a Chrysler product.

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The Chimera That You Can Sleep Inside

What has the face of a Ford, the ass of a Dodge and the name of a Chevrolet? Apparently this Recreational Vehicle.

America: King of Class and Style (lifted Dodge truck)

If it doesn’t excel at being a street truck, an offroad truck, or a hauling truck.. what are you left with?  Just another stereotype at the gym.

Dodge This

I have no solid information to offer you. All I know is that this half Dakota/half …60-ish D100 streaked past me on Cave Creek road today and I hardly had time to get a good look at it. The blurry photo pretty much accurately represents the the impression the truck made on my in person as well. If you are the owner of this truck, or know anything about it, feel free to fill us in on the details.