SEMA 2013: Bubble-top Impala

I’m currently in the media center at the Las Vegas Convention Center right now. In front of me a dude with a pony-nub is editing a video of Geoff Tate of Queensryche. Behind me, some British dude talking about American health care. You think there’d be a lot more of the car stuff going on, but you’d be wrong. I’ve finally found salvation from the madness of plastic body kits (on both cars and women) that is the SEMA show.

So to spit in the eye of all the new and exciting bullshit that you’re going to hear about non-stop everywhere else, I’d like to focus first on this beautiful B-body. Everyone loves a fullsize, but this W-series Chevy big block that resides under this hood is the real show stopper. Gorgeous archaic design philosophy at work.