Stack Attack – What’s Really Hood?!

This is ridiculous for so many reasons. If it’s fake, which I think it kind of seems like it might be, it’s really dumb. If it’s real, then the owner of this truck is the biggest asshole in the world- to himself. Maybe it’s a nice way of reminding himself to drive slow to conserve fuel, because nobody wants to get a face full of particulates every time they accelerate from a light.

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Ford F-Serious(ly not fucking around)

Whether this guy is the first or last to die when the whole Y2K thing does its deal is yet to be determined.  What is determined is that this guy (or lady) takes not fucking around seriously.

I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about this truck.  I do not that it sits on the most massive frame I’ve seen outside of commercial use trucks.  I do know that it’s RWD and seems to have been well thought out with what appears to be a low to mid-level budget.  There are lights in every direction and an assortment of amateur radio antennas across the top, perfect for those out in the middle of nowhere distress calls.. or warning beacons.

I’m not sure whether the side tanks are for some sort of CNG fuel or simply compressed air but having them mounted externally (although vulnerable) sure adds to the look.

I tried to speak with the owner but grew impatient waiting for them to come out of Fry’s Electronics, maybe someone else can chime in with more details? It appears to be well taken care of but not babied (check out that hood gap), here’s hoping that I saw it on a clean day and it’s not just an attention grabber made for the streets of Phoenix.

As much as I rail on about mega-lifted trucks…


Obviously, this truck is all show, and obviously not an off-road vehicle; which would ordinarily set off my bullshit detectors and be the catalyst for an angry rant. Something about this truck, though, I don’t know if it’s the bad-ass American flags, or the well-proportioned (and often overlooked) tire-to-body ratio. I can’t really say, but I do know I like it. Continue reading