1982 Mercury Cougar GS Wagon

Somehow I’ve stumbled across another one year only wagon, this is the 1982 Mercury Cougar wagon.  It’s the sister car to the 1982 Granada wagon that I found a while back.  I spotted this guy down near the Mexican border and the Granada out in California, I’ve never seen one around Phoenix.  There’s always something special about seeing an older boring car out on the road for normal use.

1982 Ford Granada Wagon

I spotted this car a few weeks ago during a trip to San Francisco. I didn’t think much of it, just another old Ford wagon from the 80’s. I completely forgot that I had taken the picture until recently when I was sorting through them all. After spending a bit more time researching than I expected I finally figured out what I was looking at.

This is the 1982 Ford Granada wagon and, as I have learned, there are a handful of interesting things to note about this car. For one, it was only made for a single year. It’s part of the second generation of the Ford Granada, which only saw two production years before being tweaked with a new front end and sold as the LTD. The first year had only coupe or sedan options, the wagon came about for the final year. Continue reading

1978 Ford Granada ESS Coupe

When things got weird in the 70’s with gas prices and emissions laws this little guy came around. It was one of the more luxurious compact cars around with the intent of easing people who were used to large cars into smaller cars. These first generation (1975-1980) Ford Granadas were based on the 4 door Maverick (the second generation Granada went on to ride on the Fox platform like every other Ford). There were 4 engine options, two I6 models, a 302, or a 351 Windsor. I don’t know too much about these cars and I wasn’t able to track down the owner (not sure if they work at the smoke shop, Goodwill, Kmart, or the pizza place.. but let’s not judge) so who knows what is going on under the hood. I’m not even certain what year this car is but they did switch to square headlights for the 1978-1980 model years, so it falls somewhere in there. 

This car is the ESS (European Sport Sedan) model, even though it’s obviously a coupe. The ESS trim level is basically just a couple of blacked out body parts, some fancy wheels (not pictured), buckets seats, and possibly a heavy duty suspension setup.

I like that this car is daily driven, I see it all the time. I also like that it is not beat to piss or modified in any sort of ridiculous way, although that hood scoop is pretty atrocious. It makes me happy to see an old car being driven around fulfilling the simple duty of just being an old car.

In an interview with AAA president Obama mentioned that his very first car was a Granada:

“The Ford Granada was not the peak of Detroit engineering .. It rattled and it shook, and I don’t think the girls were particularly impressed when I came to pick them up in a Ford Granada .. But you know what? It moved and so I have fond memories of the fact that it got me to where I needed to go. That’s about all I can say about the Ford Granada.”

I don’t have much to add to that, he summed everything up nicely.