Screaming Chicken Tiburon

You ever have one of those weird semi-bad dreams where it isn’t really a nightmare but it takes place in some bizarre, Twilight Zone reality and leaves you feeling like shit nonetheless? Like, this one time I dreamt that it was sort of a high-tech future but not really, and it also felt like the past because some things that I was certain were very old looked brand new still, and all the kids in the city were being herded to the Colosseum downtown and force fed some kind of weird neon green cottage cheese type stuff. Everything just felt off. The way everything looked just made me feel totally uncomfortable and the best way I can try to explain it was it was like some kind of twisted, fucked-up alternate universe where I could totally imagine this Tiburon, up on blocks and somehow covered in 35 years of dust, being casually referred to by everyone as a second gen Trans Am and through all my uneasiness, not being unable to identify what was wrong.