Bosch ABS Computer

For over a century, the world’s automakers have been refining and improving the way that cars work. Everyone loves when a technological breakthrough brings better performance or fuel economy, but I think some of the greatest advances in automotive engineering have come from safety.

Recently, I visited the Computer History Museum in California. The museum has an exhibit about the on-board ABS computer developed by Bosch that I found interesting.

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“It Belongs In A Museum”

In previous articles, I’ve owned up to the fact that I don’t know as much about pre-1960s stuff as I probably should, and usually it doesn’t bother me very much. Most of that stuff looks the same to me anyways. The cars are generally kept in one of two conditions: original and slow (boring), or 1996-era Super Chevy’d out with a small-block and tweed and billet everything (lame).

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