SEMA 2012: Mazda 787 Group C

I have to say that Mazda makes some decently cool cars in spite of the current trends happening today. But this is nothing new, Mazda has been on their own path for decades; as if their penchant for Wankel-designed rotary power is any indication. Mazda (a Japanese company) brought back the formula for the traditional British sports car in the late 1980s when most other manufacturers (namely the Detroit Big 3) were phasing out affordable, lightweight RWD vehicles in place of ugly and badge-engineered FWD econoboxes. They also helped Ford make small interesting cars when all Ford had was the Fox-platform (a decidedly awesome platform, though). Their most popular car (as far as some of the viewers of this site are concerned) almost phased out the fox body as the next generation Ford Mustang! And I’m sure that had it been a RWD Mazda platform, they’d have gotten away with it too. And to get back to present times: The next generation MX-5 Miata is to shed enough weight to get back to around 2,200 lbs and still retain it’s current horsepower rating. That’s hot rod engineering at work.

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Bauer Ltd. Unveils Miata-Based Racer “Catfish”

Have you ever thought about buying a Mazda Miata but were put off by the car’s lack of power or it’s ‘chick car’ image? Well, you’re in luck because the Catfish from Bauer Limited Production fixes both of those problems.

The Catfish is based on the 1990-2005 Miata platform, but you’d never guess thanks to the creative body work. The car rides on a tubular space frame chassis with an upgraded Mazda A-arm suspension and thankfully, looks nothing like a Miata.

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It’s Still 2003, Somewhere


Apparently this far into our modern futuristic world they still sell hair gel, some men still use bleach only for the ends of said gelled hair, and I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart still stocks those stupid Gilligan hats, somewhere. This Miata is for that person. The person that thinks that Disturbed is the most modern form of aggressive music, and that phones with color displays are quite fancy. Continue reading