2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R

I assume as car lovers, we’re all familiar with America’s favorite pony car. The car that coined the term and has ran the longest in it’s class when even it’s competitors at GM (better performing products that they were) could not remain profitable. This car, whether good or bad, was and is the Ford Mustang. Continue reading

#3z X-Mod in North Phoenix

I must say that I’m guilty of not following local racing. I find myself getting more and more into racing as I get older and the local Speedway is beginning to look enticing. Today I found an X-Mod driven by Isaac Zaragoza. From what I’ve been able to research, he was able to pull a strong string of wins together in the 2010 season. The only evidence found of him for 2011 is of him running his #3z X-mod you see here as a pace car for a local karting event. He was listed as a “former racer”.

Judging by the spare tires on the trailer, the fuel cans in the bed of the truck and the engine stand next to the fuel, He’s likely going to be racing tonight at Canyon Speedway’s 1st Annual Salute to Indy, which is located only a few miles from the hotel these pictures were taken at. According to info found on Canyon Speedways page, he finished 3rd last night in his class and is at 14th overall in points for the season. Good luck Mr. Zaragoza!