While looking for yard sales on a quiet Saturday, I came across this vehicle. I was laughing at the combination of 4 Dodge Ram tail lights and the CHMSL above them. We love featuring Recreational Vehicles that have head lights and tail lights from production vehicles. I guess with the Cummins power plant, the four Ram lights are necessary, if it was only two lights we would know it was powered by a “Hammy”. Totally joking here. Anywho, as I waited the 45 seconds it took me to pass the body of this mile-long behemoth I was still chuckling pretty good about the silly back end. When I saw the front though, I realized this was no laughing matter.

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The Chimera That You Can Sleep Inside

What has the face of a Ford, the ass of a Dodge and the name of a Chevrolet? Apparently this Recreational Vehicle.

America: King of Class and Style (lifted Dodge truck)

If it doesn’t excel at being a street truck, an offroad truck, or a hauling truck.. what are you left with? ┬áJust another stereotype at the gym.


I think understand the semantics of making everything on your car black. You want the car to look sinister, evil or even “stealth” which is what the term originally was called when you could buy those pre-tinted light covers from companies for your Mustang or Durango. Even the term for the style prevalent among it’s younger audience describes it’s aesthetic function: Murdered out.

On the other hand, it looks incredibly stupid, and it’s often overdone. The ignorance behind darkening lights designed for safety is hilariously ironic, and it usually renders the car seemingly shapeless in all but the best lighting conditions.

Despite all of that, I think this takes the idea and moves it up into a whole new level of tastelessness and stupidity:

Bonus points for the truck reeking of paint from the truck just getting the treatment. This Bro marches to the beat of a different Kottonmouth Kings song.

Dually Noted (Dodge Ram)

Pardon the play on words but this dually Dodge has seen better days. The first and most apparent thing you will notice is that this is clearly a work truck and not a show piece, and there is nothing wrong with that. Pride of craftsmanship speaks worlds.

On a positive note, they did paint it a similar shade of grey.. and the tail lights are still red!