Another Lifted Truck

Aside from being a lover of cars, I’m also a lover of music. If you’ve ever glanced at my mugshot below the articles I write, it’ll be no surprise when I say that most of the music I enjoy involves loud, distorted guitars. One of my favorite thrash metal bands is a group called Overkill. Many of their album covers revolve around a green and black color scheme, and they even have a song called “The Green and Black.”

Coincidentally, I feel like that their name aptly describes the very same green and black color scheme on this truck. It’s absolutely overkill. I didn’t bother doing any research on it (fuck me, right?) but it has a big goofy Fuel logo on the front and an Audio Techniks decal on the bed side. So if you want to learn more about this boric acid flamed motherfucker, google it up.

Also, what the is the deal with that leaf pack? Seriously?

I don’t care if you care, I like GMT400 trucks.


Saw this leaving my dad’s house. My daily driver – which I affectionately refer to as the “Valkyrie” (only in my own head, because I’m not a tool) – is a 1996 C2500 2WD ex-cab light duty. 235hp 5.0L V8, 4L60-E, and 3.73:1 14 bolt SF rear. Lowered 3″/4″. I love the GMT400 and it’s bed-less platform mates. That being said, this is one of the best looking GMT400’s I’ve seen in a while and I’d trade trucks with the owner in a second. Yeah, I guess to the casual observer it’s nothing special, but to me that’s what makes it so special. It doesn’t have 24″ rims and some silly paint job. It’s just a nice looking, extremely low fullsize. Bask in it’s modest and subtle glory.