Coker Tire Wins Best New Product Award

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the tires on your car. But for Coker Tire, it’s more than just the rubber meeting the road – it’s their business.

For 2013, the folks at Coker Tire have come up with a new line of tires that I think are pretty noteworthy. We met up with Jess Hoodenpyle at the SEMA Show to hear what he has to say about Coker’s new American Classic line of tires.

We’d also like to send the folks at Coker Tire our congratulations on winning a SEMA Award for Best New Product. Way to go!

1986 Chevy El Camino Dragging Out Of SEMA 2012 (VIDEO)

The Las Vegas Police Department clearly had a much more strict set of rules for this years cruise out of SEMA.  I saw a couple tickets handed out with zero hesitation, most likely with the idea of making examples out of people, which I can understand.

Aside from a minuscule chirp from a little Fiat no one was willing to give their wheels a spin, no matter how much the crowd begged for it.  Well, these guys said ‘fuck it’, dropped their truck car vehicle to the ground and gave a them go.  It’s no smoke show or anything but the pickings were slim, so enjoy it.

Cars and Coffee Scottsdale – October 2012 [VIDEO]

Once a month, car enthusiasts from all over the greater Phoenix area get together in Scottsdale to enjoy some coffee and look at some cars. The show is called Cars and Coffee, and it is open to any make and model of vehicle.

Though anyone is welcome, the show primarily features high-end and exotic cars such as those from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus, and others. We were on hand to capture some of the action at this month’s event. Hope you enjoy the video!

Video: Never Before Seen 1984 Corvette Commercial


Anyone who has seen the absolutely ridiculous “Never Before Seen” C4 Corvette will probably enjoy this video. (If you haven’t seen the original, here is a link to it.)

And for the record, I love (most) C4 Corvettes (although not the ’84) and this was made entirely just for fun and not intended to offend anybody, unless you were directly responsible for the travesty that was Cross-Fire Injection, in which case, we made this video just for you:

What Is Wheel Hop?

As you may or may not have noticed in the last video I posted about my Mark VII, I’ve got a little bit of an issue with wheel hop under certain conditions. Well, we thought it would be cool to take an up close and personal look at what is really going on back there.

Before we have a look at the video though, I’d like to quickly go over exactly what wheel hop really is.

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