Tard and Feathered

I am trying really hard to rationalize why a person would do this to their own car. The best I can come up with is that someone accidentally ruined their paint by driving through fresh asphalt the same week they started up a DeviantArt account.

I found the car in front of the Guitar Center out in Avondale, so I’m assuming it belongs to one of the employees there. I just know that the owner has got to be one of those guys who wears elastic wrist bands when he plays his guitar. Honestly, as disgusted as I am by this car, I’m actually a tiny bit impressed by the fact that the somebody managed to actually do something I haven’t seen yet. It kind of reminds me of the Corvette with the Tach decals on the sides of it, only this has more of a unified concept to it.

Notice the theme of shittiness, the way it starts off subtly in the front with the lack of bumper and ends in the rear with the lack of judgement, tied together somewhere in the middle by the ambiguously intentional splatters of black paint.


No, that isn’t the name of some mid-2000s metalcore band. It’s the name I’ve given to the act of whatever it was that happened to this guy’s car. Although, if the owner of this car is reading this, feel free to use the band name. I’m pretty sure it’s not taken.

You’re welcome.


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