The Presidential Limo Did Not Simply Bottom Out In Ireland (Cadillac DTS)

A few years ago there was a popular video making the rounds.  Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t, if you haven’t here you go.

It seems pretty obvious what happened, after the BMW 7 Series scrapes out President Barack Obama’s limo takes a stab at it and completely bottoms out, more or less disabling itself.

Well, that’s not what happens at all, at least in my opinion.  Have a look at the wheel gap of the front wheels, the car is completely laid out.  I have scoured the internet looking for answers and some of them are pretty far fetched about what actually happens.

I have even read that the American Embassy has super magnets installed under their gate to suck down any heavy loads trying to get through that may be full of bombs or whatnot.

Check out this second angle.

You can clearly see the suspension pulling the wheels into the car faster than gravity can drop the car, before it ever has a chance to bottom out on its own.  It must have some sort of hydraulic suspension, possibly air, but hydraulic would explain the wheels coming in that fast.

Who knows why the suspension would drop like that, could be a catastrophic failure?  I have also read a theory saying that a special feature was accidentally activated that slams the car down to keep it grounded during an attack.

Here is a screen shot of the wheel pulled off the ground before the car ever touches the ground.

obama limo ireland suspension failure conspiracyAlso, this is not Barack Obama’s freak limo (The Beast).  This is a hand-me-down from George W Bush, now used by the Vice President or important guests, lesser-thans, and whatnot.  You can tell because it somewhat resembles a real car (Cadillac DTS), Obama rides around in a glorified tank with an Escalade grill.