The Lesser of Two Evils

This is the Holy Grail, the Lost Dutchman Mine, and the Aiwa Mega-CD all rolled into one!

Either of these trucks would get me excited normally, but to see two of them together? This changes everything. Unpainted body kits just don’t do it for me anymore…

I’ve concluded that the one on the right is uglier, but the one on the left is more retarded. 

I like the C5 tailgate, the turbo badge, and the spoiler, but what really sets it off for me is the rear window. How the fuck are those horses able to be in front of the waterfall like that? Bonus points for actually covering the old taillights though. Years ago, I saw a Ford truck with the Corvette taillight roll pan AND the stock lights AND one of those stupid led brake light bars that goes in the huge gap between the tailgate and the poorly made roll pan. All of them hooked up. I want to see it again.
I hate to make another Pixar reference so soon, but does this remind anyone else of the three eyed alien from Toy Story? Just me?

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